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Science for Society

Translating Science to the common


Science. A word that holds knowledge, power, enigma, logic and absolute truth. Science is everywhere; it envelops us from within and around us. Science is the way the universe functions. Science is this very moment. Science is life. Science is you. And this blog is dedicated to exploring you, to creating awareness about you and the things that surround and impact you. 


Science for Society aims at understanding human health, environment, and the interrelationships between them in a more approachable and simplistic manner. It aims to make you realize why you are important – why the science within and around you is crucial.

This blog is created for the sole purpose of making you more appreciative of the science about you that perhaps you yourself are unaware of. It intends and hopes to make you more cognizant of the many heard, unheard and misheard facts about your health and the environment. Science for Society is a novel scientific blog with respect to its approach – it seeks to teach but desires to involve you more and create an overall awareness, as at the end,

Science is for society.

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